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Happy New Year?

Did you know that Advent is considered a new year for the church calendar?

As we prepare for this season of Christmas and other holidays, all of us will be in different places. Some may gather with family for the first time in awhile. Some may gather without others for the first time. Some may regret something said at the last gathering. Some may prefer to be alone. Some may be forced to be. Some wish you would call.

Regardless, I want to invite each of us to take the next few days to press reset—on relationships, on perspectives, or on life in general.

This new year may not be when you typically celebrate, but may it be that way this year.

Take time to see what matters and what doesn’t.

Take time to smooth over broken relationships. Before holding a grudge, the Bible says to go that person in private. Perhaps this is that time.

Take time to spend time with someone. You never know how much that means to someone.

Take time to re-think who God is. Perhaps a simple prayer of thanksgiving and a plea for help will reset your relationship.

Reconsider who church is to you. We are called to walk through the ups and downs with each other. We are called to grow together. We are called to stay together even when we are separated physically or because of human folly. Nothing should separate our love for one another.

Advent begins a brand new year in the church calendar. May we dust off anything holding us back from walking forward arm and arm into this new season of life.

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